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9 months ago

Legacy Collection

$99.00 (USD)

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Enter code mxm2020 to receive 50% off - $49 USD for over 17 years worth of artwork!


That's the year that I started Trample Fantasy. since then, I have upgraded computers, lost data, lost images, made new characters, new fantasies and been on the front line of Foot Fetish related art.

And now it's yours, everything I have created up to August of 2019. This includes images depicting Trampling, Foot worship, face and body sitting, sneakers, socks, test renders, character design and concept scenes.

Over 700 images in one place detailing the legacy of Trample Fantasy.

If you look closely, you can see my journey - when I upgraded systems, increased content, learned new skills and sometimes even the mood I was in when creating.

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