Trampling story #1

I'm new to this site and am looking forward to making some friends here and maybe meeting as well.

I was aware of my foot fetish at the age of five. Back then, I'd sniff and play with other boys' feet in kindergarten while we were supposed to be taking a nap. With time, my foot fetish has extended into various forms, including the trampling fetish which has become an indispensable part of my life nowadays. I'm going to share some of my experiences here.

Though I had realized my desire to get trampled in my adolescence, I only started to look for trampling experiences in the past several years. Six years ago, I met this gorgeous guy on Grindr. He was tall and athletic, and had size 12 feet. When he texted me and asked if I'd be willing to give him a foot massage, I replied yes immediately. We arranged to meet at his place that night right after his work. He was a waiter, and was walking and standing a lot, so it was perfect. He told me he was bi, and had a girlfriend, so he was only looking for a foot massage and nothing sexual. I said OK.

He lay in his bed and lit a joint. I knelt at the foot of his bed and took his runners off. He was not wearing socks, and the smell was intense. "I know you like them smelly, so I didn't wear socks to work this afternoon." he said. I sticked my nose in both his runners and sniffed for a moment, before pressing my nose to his barefeet and sniffing again. The sensation was divine!

I was so turned on that my underwear was starting to get wet. I massaged his feet with my hands, while greedily inhaling through his toes and kissing his soles. He was clearly enjoying both the massage and the sight, and I could see the bulge in his underwear.

I asked for his permission to give his feet a tongue bath. When he motioned me to go for it, I sticked my tongue out and started to lick every inch of his soles. Then I licked in between his toes, and sucked on them one by one. He was really aroused and started to touch himself. I tried to lick one of his feet, while rubbing my cock on the other, but he kept kicking me away.

A few moments later, the thought of being trampled by him suddenly arose. I cautiously suggested it, and after some initial hesitation, he agreed. I removed my shirt and my underwear, and lay on the floor, with a pillow under my head. And then anxiously waited for my first ever trampling session.

Both him and I had never done this before, so we were extremely prudent. He stepped one foot on my chest, and the other on my belly. He slowly turned around, and landed on my chest with both feet. He was over 80kg and had very strong feet, and it was my first time. Naturally I started to feel uneasy breathing, and after a while, my chest was soring. But I don't care. I was in a state of euphoria! He was 186cm in height, and was like a giant on my body.

He stayed on my chest for half a minute or so, and then moved to my belly. I tried to get him to step on my cock, but he was reluctant. He walked back and forth on my chest and stomach, and occasionally landed on my cheeks as well. The whole session lasted for maybe 3-5 minutes. I wish I could take it longer, but I was exhausted and my chest was soring a lot. The sore lasted for 2 whole days. That was my first experience trampled by a man. Although it was a short session, I enjoyed it and later began to crave for longer trampling meetings with others.

We met on and off a few times in the following years. I would always massage his feet first and then ask him to trample me. He was never keen on trampling, and would only do it at my request, and the trampling sessions never really lasted more than 5 minutes. But after the third time we met, he finally agreed to include my dick as an object to stomp on. At first he was not willing to trample my dick barefoot, so he would put his runners on. Gradually he became more comfortable touching me there with his feet, and would bounce on my crotch with his barefeet while jerking himself off. Once he even volunteered to give me a footjob after I blew him and swallowed his load. But he was intoxicated that night, and it was the only time we did anything sexual like that.

I'd really want to see the guy again, but haven't seen him on Grindr for two years now. I don't even know the his name, but I do always recall the captivating odour from his shoes and the veins on his manly feet.

Simon Zho

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