*NEW* INTERVIEW - @Ryandevon of Huntsville, Alabama

What will we learn from the perspective of a kinkster/fetishist who lives in one of America's most conservative states?


Member #005 - @Ryandevon


Age: 27

Height: 6’2 / 188 cm

Weight: 295 lbs / 133.81 kgs

Foot Size: US13

Q: You’re really making a difference, so I wanted to thank you for interviewing. What do you go by in our world, and what do you do in life?
A: Well, when it comes to aliases I’m pretty bland, I just use my actual name - Ryandevon. And currently I work as a government contractor.
Q: Thanks for sharing that! Where about are you in the world?
A: I’m from the sunny, exotic lands of North Alabama. Huntsville to be exact.
Q: Ah! Rocket City! What would you say the kink/fetish scene is like in Huntsville, and greater North Alabama?
A: Yep, that’s us. And the kink scene here...you know that book 20000 Leagues Under the Sea? Somewhere around there haha. It’s very hit or miss - and mostly underground.
Q: Ouch. That’s got to suck, I'm really sorry to hear that. What do you think contributes to the missing sense of kink community in North Alabama?
A: Yeah it does, but that’s just how it is sometimes. I think the reason of why it’s missing is a more multi-faceted issue. You’re combating a lot here in Alabama whether you realize it or not. It’s a very conservative place overall, and there’s still a lot of push back against anyone or thing that is queer; at the same time, the conservative aspects also view any kink as weird and not acceptable. There’s a very strong sense of sticking to the “normal” things in Alabama, sometimes for the better when it’s things like tradition and being friendly - but just as much for the negative too, especially if you’re not the mainstream so to speak. Another thing I believe hinders us is just simply a lack of access. Both of our gay clubs closed in 2018, and there is really no outlet for queer individuals to even congregate, much less anyone into kink. If we did have a club or bar, you could maybe at least have some themed nights.
Q: I'm hoping that it changes sooner or later, for all the men of kink that live in Alabama.
So, back to you! How long ago did you realize that kink/fetish was your thing?
A: I would say I realized it truly around my senior year of college, so about 2014. That said, I was always very attracted to leather - I always wanted a pair of leather pants or a next leather jacket well before I even knew what kink even was. But from 2014 it’s of course expanded into a lot more, both more leather and other kinks as well!
Q: "Before I even knew what kink was" - a lot of people can relate with that part. Expansion is naturally the following step! Digging a bit deeper, what other kinks do you feel you've taken a liking to? And what do you like about them?
A: I’d say my main “kinks” are leather, uniforms, and bondage - though I’m still new to the latter and don’t have nearly as much of the formers as I’d like! I think what I like most about them, all three really even though in different ways maybe, is the sense of power that comes with them. Wearing leathers or a uniform just makes you feel sexy - and in a way almost a type of armor again maybe some negatives, real or perceived, against you. And bondage is just raw power and control, which if history has taught us anything, can be supremely intoxicating. But I’m also really into rubber and sports gear, as well as underwear/jocks. I’ve never had the chance to try rubber myself but it’s very sexy on others. Sports gear is near and dear to my heart - I played football for 10 years and managed to keep my sexuality in check, so it’s quite the guilty pleasure now to indulge in. And my favorite thing I think as far as underwear/jocks is not only how sexy they are but how accessible they are! Anyone can get in on it at a reasonable price point. One thing that I am hugely into though is footwear - most specifically sneakers - but I actually am hesitant to fully call it a kink in the sense most people are probably accustomed to. I have plenty to choose from as well haha.
Q: Plenty to choose from, huh? Photos or it didn't happen!
Q: Well, damn.
Q: So, Ryandevon - Why are you hesitant to call it a kink/fetish, given the level of interest you have for sneakers?
A: I look at it a little differently than what you’ll find for the most part online if you search for sneaker porn or kink - in my experience when I’ve looked it’s more people fucking their shoes or the skinheads licking the soles or shoving someone’s face in them. That’s not what I’m about. I’m much more about the look and appeal of it. If I’m out and about and I see someone wearing shoes I’m into, I’m automatically attracted - even if I’m not into the guy himself necessarily! The right sneakers can get your foot in the door with me. Now that said, I do love wearing sneakers or boots I’m into while hooking up - but that’s where the “kink” ends. And much like with jocks or underwear, it’s a pretty easy thing you can get into without anyone questioning it so it’s a nice mesh of things too. But I love the sex appeal of seeing a hot pair of shoes on someone any time at all - it’s just even better if I get to sleep with them too!
A: Like... it would upset me to chance messing up a pair of my kicks, so that’s why I’m not about anyone licking them or anything else. If you mess my shit up I’ll mess you up LOL.
Q: Interesting. This is a different angle into interpreting sneaker fetish.
A: I say the above with the exception of my boots - I don’t mind trying some of the more typical licking/kissing, or even one guy who wanted me to step on food under my work boots and let him clean them off from underneath them.
Q: Heheh, hot. Thanks for being so thorough. Our final, meaty question: What is the most memorable session you’ve had?
A: As far as most memorable, I’m not really sure where I land. It probably sounds placating or cliché even, but I remember all of my experiences for different reasons - so I don’t know what I would say is the “most” memorable as far as a kink session - especially because I haven’t been able to have too awfully many true kink sessions either haha. 
If I have to choose something though - one of the most interesting and memorable would be my first trampling experience, because I truly thought I was going to hurt him - despite all of the assurance that I wouldn’t. It was a very surreal feeling to stand on top of someone else - but seeing the excitement it triggered definitely made it worth it. And watching him lace me into my knee high leather boots beforehand was pretty spectacular.
Q: Doesn't sound placating at all! I get it completely. It can sometimes take forever to network fetish-wise in the South, and our personal kink circles are all a work in progress. I can imagine stepping on someone is a pretty wild feeling the first time, especially when you feel like they should be shattering beneath all your weight. What made the lacing scene so spectacular for you?
A: I think the power dynamic is what really set it off for me. Because someone is on their knees tying them up, something so asinine but committed to your benefit.
Q:   That's really hot. Do you think that you'll seek that feeling again in future sessions with others?
A: Definitely. 

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