Trampling ~ Down to a Science?

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I'm amazed we don't talk about these things more. Anyway, I'm teaching a kink class this weekend, and got inspired to write deeper on parts of our fetish. Even if you're experienced like me, there's still some awesome material here that won't just illuminate the newcomers.

Many of us here are into weight-based fetishes like trampling. MxM was originally founded for it, after all! Some of us guys like it sexually, while others may enjoy it for intensity and pain (SM).


It stirs a curious question with newcomers to weight-based fetishes - how does trampling as a scene feel? Does it hurt, can it truly be enjoyed? Well, the experience depends on a lot of elements - like weight and foot size. Not to mention the experience of the carpet. ;) 



See, whereas slimmer body types doing the trampling have a simpler scene to look forward to, the plot thickens (lol) when you get yourself a big guy. With a heavier guy doing the trampling, more variables come into play. For example, you WILL feel a difference between a 280 pound guy with size US13s and a 320 pound guy with size US10s.


Weight Distribution


That difference is called Weight Distribution. This describes the phenomenon that makes every trampling experience unique from the last. Bigger and/or wider feet, for example, will spread out the trampler's weight, and this definitely influences a scene. You’ll feel more steamrolled, crushed, hot-pressed with every step. That will turn some on!


On the flip side, smaller feet with more weight feels quite harsh on the receiving end! A large amount of pressure is concentrated over a smaller surface area on the body. You’ll suffer beneath a weaker feet-to-weight ratio and probably tap out sooner. But then, maybe that’s what you want... ;)


Not into pain? No problem. Find a partner with a weight range you can tolerate comfortably and enjoy. 


How small is too small for a nice pair of soles? No such thing - we’re #teamsmallfeet -and- #teamhugefeet here! Feet come in various sizes, shapes, and thickness.

If trampling doesn't do it for you, it still isn't as weird as you might think! For an idea on how weight/pressure can affect the human body and mind in general, see Weighted Blanket studies. The apple doesn’t fall far, and it’s seriously interesting stuff.


If you’re wanting to improve weight distribution in a trampling scene, the answer is footwear with decent cushioning. And speaking of footwear...



Again, feet come in all shapes and sizes. Thicker feet, for example, provide sexy cushioning, and can feel like warm, tough pillows atop the face and body. But, what if the top has slim feet, or a weaker foot-size/weight ratio than you’re taking to?


Footwear! Underrated, and adds so much dimension to trampling fetish. In general, footwear provides a thick sole that spreads the weight over the range of the shoe - and thus, on you. Thicker shoe soles distribute better. 
Choose wisely when looking for a pair to be under. Some pairs tread leisurely, and others bite... Hard. I'm talking about boots and cleats, of course. And they can bring some intense fun.



This article is developing. Thanks for reading.