My experience with "Behemoth Master" - The Hots and the Nots

As I'm sure some of you know, there was a user here called Behemoth Master (or whatever) and he was somewhat controversial. This man stands at 6'6, weighs 453 lbs, and is a very rough squasher. Luckily, I'm the kind of guy who loves getting squashed, and I like it extreme

The Squashing (Pros)

When he first got to the the hotel, I immediately noticed how big he was - and he was definitely a verbal guy. Not 20 seconds walking in the door, he said something like, "so, are we gonna just stand here or are you gonna be my slave?"

We all know what my answer was, lol. So he asked me if I wanted to start out easy, or start out rough. I wanted to start out easy. Immediately, he said, "No, we're gonna start it rough little man".


Edge of the Bathtub


The first thing he had me do was lay on the edge of a bathtub, longways. I was veeeery hesitant because I hadn't even felt his weight yet - yet here he was, wanting to sit on me on a hard glass-like surface.

Well anyways, he sat on my torso on the bathtub ledge and it was... bone-crushing. I could immediately feel the breath leaving my lungs and I could feel my ribs bending. He sat there and bounced for a good 2 minutes, me grunting with each bounce. He crushed me here in many different angles. Horizontally, vertically (both of us tried different angles)... This portion was more of a workout for me than anything.


The Swivel Chair

Next, we moved to the chair. He took a swivel chair and wanted to place it on me and sit in the chair. I actually refused, because I was worried the bottom of the chair would cut me. We ended up putting a pillow on my torso with the chair on top.


(Seriously - don't try this. I'm really stupid for consenting to this.)


All of the weight of his body was channelled through the chair into my sternum. This hurt really bad. I didn't enjoy it, honestly. Not to mention... because it was a swivel chair, I had to try my best to hold it in place. One wrong move, and he could have fallen and seriously injured or killed me.

(Once again, PLEASE don't try this with a 450 lber). 


Chest Sitting


After that, we moved to more traditional squashing - some chest sitting on the bed. This is where I fully got to experience his weight since my body was flat. When he sat on me, it felt like I disappeared.



Legitimately, I felt consumed. I couldn't breathe at all, and I felt many parts of my body go numb. The reason why this chest-sitting experience was different than other guys, is because he actually used his full weight. Most guys will hold themselves up either with their shins, or arms, but he completely let all of his weight pile on me as if I wasn't there.

Every time I tapped for him to get up, the answer was no (which I like and consented to). If I wanted him to get up, I at least had to try and lift him somewhat off of me. When he actually would get up, he would only give me about 5 seconds of breathing time before he sat down again.

He would stay sitting on me about 5 minutes at a time. 




At this point, he got bored and wanted to try buttdrops. And by try, I mean succeed in knocking the wind out of me. He actually put a chair in front of the bed and jumped or slowly fell directly onto me. It looked exactly like it did in WWE... but real, and from a shorter distance.

The first time (of many) that he landed on me, I actually convinced myself I died. It was a short burst of blurry vision, followed by a sharp pain in my chest and the wind being knocked out of me, all in 1 second.

Weirdly enough, I started to become used to it and actually really loved the buttdrops despite it being terrifying. Of course, there were times where he hovered above me and I didn't know when he was gonna drop.

He was little dramatic with his grunts, though, lol. 


Brutal Trampling and Chest Sitting


The last portion was a long long long series of chest sitting and trampling on the ground. This was horrifically hot! It was kind of what I always dreamed of, but it also took a lot of endurance to get through.


He treated me the same exact way he did on the bed - full weight only, 5 minutes at a time, and I had to try to lift him. Because we were on hardwood floor, obviously this was 10x more difficult.

I was groaning the entire time, and on several occasions, I was quite literally begging for him to get off of me - but he stuck to what I asked for. He would also tease and pretend to get up while I was "pushing him up" and then he would laugh and plop right back down.

This lasted about an hour, and I was miserable yet turned on all at the same time.


He attempted to trample me twice. Once on the floor and once on the bed. As soon as he stepped on me on the floor, I actually was screaming in agony and he stood there for about 10 seconds.

He wanted to try again, but I stood up and didn't let him. Then he wanted to try on the bed and my naive mind thought it would be better. Somehow it felt worse. I didn't enjoy that at all. Not a vibe.

The Logistics (Cons)

This man, for some reason, does not know how to turn off his alpha role. Communicating with him is next to impossible, and he's not willing to go halfway on anything. Because I was desperate to fulfill my fantasy, unfortunately his gruff attitude got the best of me.

He would message me every hour asking me if I had booked a hotel, weeks before we even planned on meeting. I understand booking ahead of time, but he wouldn't help me cover the cost of the hotel or travel so it made it hard for me to book so far in advance.

When meeting with him, he's 100% in control of the sessions. You have no say. For me, I like being completely submissive, and my fantasy was I don't get a say in anything we do.

Yes, he did everything I asked him to, but there were times I actually told him I wanted to be done - and he wouldn't let me.

For me, the roleplay was over, and he wouldn't empathize.

The lack of a safeword is conceptually hot, but in reality, it's very dangerous and I could have gotten hurt with this amateur sadist.

Let's be real - he's an amateur, who has no concept of the damage he could actually do. In reality, he's nothing but a fantasy and I'm very lucky to have come out only sore and with small bruises.

I can't emphasize enough, make sure you talk through EVERYTHING you want to do during play, and both sides are in agreement that it is sane, consensual fun. Be sure that both parties go halfway on any costs "if any" - or if you're into findom, make sure that there is a time and place for it. Never let someone be in charge of your life.

Last words, this was hands down my favorite session and I want more like this, buuuuuut there needs to be some mutual respect amongst me and my squasher behind-the-scenes.

During though...... make me your victim ;)


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Kryss Krush 2 months ago

I was just browsing stories and came across this. And this is the hottest, scariest, thoughtful, and most comprehensive review (recap? description?) of a crushing experience EVER. Gonna read this *several* times in the future. Thanks for being an AMAZING writer (and for the extremely well staged visuals to complement)!