My College Experience with Travis (Part 1)

Please be kind, this is the first time I have ever actually written anything especially fetish erotica. I figured I would give it a try, so here we go.

It all started because of a stupid question Professor Hawkins asked.

I am sitting in my final class, College Algebra, before the weekend starts. I am not that great at math, but I am decent. Professor Hawkins is lecturing us on linear equations. She keeps speaking in her monotone voice as my attention drifts around the room. I look outside the 2nd story window and see that majority of the trees on campus have already lost most of their leaves as the autumn air has turned them from green to a collage of yellows, reds, and oranges. I keep gazing around turning my attention to two girls sitting in front of the room playing on their cellphones that they keep hidden underneath their desk. My eyes keep wandering until they settle straight ahead of me. From the back of the class room I gaze upon Travis.

Travis is your typical run of the mill beer loving, party going, baseball playing, frat guy who grew up in a small rural town. He is a lean muscular guy, who has shaggy dark copper hair that he always keeps under a baseball cap. He is also wearing faded worn out jeans that has some tears in the rough fabric and a black polo that shows off his pecs today. Even though Travis is lean, his muscles are very defined. Especially his perfectly sculpted bubble butt that while sitting seems to be the perfect ratio of firmness and softness. I especially notice it when we are in marching band. Travis is attending college on a baseball scholarship as a catcher and a music scholarship for trumpet. He is the first chair trumpet and section leader. I also play trumpet but I am sixth chair. So when we march in parade formation I am right behind Travis and his perfect ass.

"Mr. Smith... Mr. Smith.... Earth to Mr. Smith", shit that's me. The whole class is looking at me as I am gazing at Travis' ass. I look up and meet Travis' hazel eyes as his face forms a devious smirk. "Mr. Smith, can you solve for X" Professor Hawkins asks in a slightly irritated tone.

"Umm... X equals negative 8" I answer as I quickly calculate the problem on the board in my head.

"That is correct Mr. Smith" Professor Hawkins replies and then goes on with her lecture. I pretend to pay attention, but can't help but think that Travis now has officially caught me checking him out. I feel embarrassed and scared what he might do. Especially since this weekend is the band trip to the Rose Bowl and I have been assigned to room with him. How am I going to manage this weekend with him knowing? What was he going to do? What if he decides he doesn't... What is that awful smell? It smells like rotten cabbage and eggs. Where is this stench coming from? It can't be me can it? I start to slyly sniff myself and do a breath check to see if the stench is coming from me, but it isn't. I then start looking around as the smell is somehow getting more prominent. I then see Travis is chuckling to himself as he lifts his ass up a little and I hear a gust of air waft out of it. Travis then looks over his shoulder and gives me devious wink.

The stench gets stronger and I start to gag a little from the potency of it. What the hell did this guy eat? It smells like rotten garbage on a hot humid summer day. Travis raises his beautifully sculpted ass up again and another hot gust of air seeps out of his jeans. This time I can actually feel the air getting warmer around me as the stench consumes me. I start to gag and cough more as the air around me is replaced with this toxic smog.

"Mr. Smith, are you about to be sick, do you need the waste basket?" Professor Hawkins asks as she approaches me in the back of the room. She then gets hit with the toxic smell and starts to slowly gag herself. "Mr. Smith if you are sick you can excuse yourself from this class. Actually I'm going to go ahead and dismiss this lecture early. Class dismissed" Professor Hawkins says as she tries to open up windows to air out the room and gather her things as quickly as possible to leave. The class departs as I try to gather my things while my eyes water and my nostrils burn. I bend down to grab my bag and notice that someone is right beside me. I then feel a firm hand on the back of my head. My face is shoved into rough denim that smells of rotten eggs.

"You like my ass homo?" I notice the voice instantly it was Travis. "I have noticed for a while you starring at my ass. It's amazing how many years of playing as a catcher in baseball can give you an ass of a god isn't it?" Travis keeps shoving my head deeper into his ass. I can't breathe, he is smothering me in between his denim covered muscular cheeks. I try to move away from his grasp, but he is stronger than me. "Oh no you don't. Don't you want to see how powerful my ass is?" Travis asks chuckling at my struggles. He then slightly releases his grip on my head as I slide my face about an inch from his ass Travis releases another hot gust of toxic air from between his mountain like cheeks. The gust lasts about a minute and after he is done he sighs in relief as I cough and gag on the stench that is now burning my lungs from inside out.

Travis laughs at me as he pushes my head away from his ass. I am now on the ground heaving for fresh air. "You're fucking pathetic, if you think that was bad wait till this weekend when you room with me. I'm going to fucking murder you with my gas." Travis sneers down at me, as he steps over my body he releases another cloud of toxic air and leaves the classroom shutting the door behind him. As I lay on the ground on the verge of either throwing up or passing out I keep wondering how am I going to survive this weekend?

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