Surf’s Up, A Trampling Story

After the night I was accidentally trampled by Josh, I always looked forward our beach weekends and drinking, in the hope that some thing similar might happen again.

I knew it wouldn't, that was a one-in-a-million event.

After that summer we all seemed to go our own ways, some left the area for jobs, I went off to University, and we didn't keep in touch much. At the end of the year I went back home for the summer holidays. One day, out and about doing nothing for a change, I bumped into Josh and his older brother Paul. They were both working for their fathers business, things were quiet and the summer was getting hot, so they had organised some time off to head to the beach house for the weekend. Josh asked me to join them, Carl, another of our old mates was still round and he was coming too. Sounded like a good plan to relax to me.

That weekend we headed off. Now I'm not much of a surfer, so I spent my time in the sun on the soft sand, the other three had a great time in the surf. When they finally came in, they brought with them another surfer dude called James. We showered off at the beach and headed back to the bach for the ritual drinking session after a good day in the surf.

To cut to the chase, as the evening wore on we all started to get very drunk. The usual bragging tales of what we had done in the past and how big the day’s waves really were was in full swing. Relaxed by the day’s sun and beer, I decided to tell my story of the trampling under Josh's feet at our last weekend visit. The idea of telling these guys and hearing their reactions made me start to feel excited. A lump was developing in my throat and I could feel my heart pounding.

I tried not to sound like it was a big deal, but managed to relate all the detail. The whole time the others were in fits of laughter, especially when I described the face trampling I got. After he stopped laughing, Josh said, "Sorry man, hope I didn't hurt you too much!" "Nah", I replied, "I can handle it, it just a pity no one was there to see it, would've been a laugh to watch". I wanted the topic to continue, but didn't expect the next comment. Carl replied jokingly, "Come on then, lye down so J can have another go while we watch!" My heart was pounding through my chest and I stammered out, "Is that a challenge?” not wanting to sound eager. "Yeah", replied the group.

I laughed nervously and agreed to go along with it. I positioned myself next to a wall, so Josh could balance. I had put on jeans, but my chest was bare, I lay with my legs bent so as to hide the swelling that had sprung up in my pants. From there I couldn't help noticing that everyone's bare soles were outlined in dirt. The track up to the bach was dirt, and the floors were bare timber, so everyone's feet had become black.

Josh got up and staggered toward me. He stopped by my side and placed his hands against the wall, still with a can in his hand. The last time he didn't know what he was doing, this time I felt more excited as he looked down at me as he lifted his foot to step on my abs. The others laughed as Josh pressed his full weight down on me, placing his other foot along side. He turned and stepped gently on to my chest, making sure my ribcage wasn't going to crush under his weight. As he stood with both feet on my chest he downed his beer and turned to the others, "Shall I do the face?" "Yeah, go for it", they cheered, and with that he lifted his blackened foot over the centre of my face. I could see him grinning as he slowly pressed down, watching my nose and lips squash under his foot. Finally his whole weight was on that foot and he brought the other one up. There wasn't much room left, so he twisted on his heel, grinding my lips into my teeth, and placed the ball of his other foot on my forehead. He stood there for a second and I could hear the others cheering and laughing at the sight.

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