The Hitchhiker, A Trampling Story

It was a warm summer’s afternoon, I was heading north to visit friends, so far I'd had luck catching a ride, but the last couple of hours was quiet...

It was a warm summer’s afternoon, I was heading north to visit friends, so far I'd had luck catching a ride, but the last couple of hours was quiet. As 4 o'clock approached I was starting to think of a plan for shelter, the next town was a long walk, but I might make it by sundown.

Just then I heard something, turned and saw a long nose Mac heading my way; I stuck out my thumb and was happy to hear it changing down through the gears as it pulled up along side me.

I opened the door and climbed on up. As luck would have it he was heading to the same city as me and was keen on some company for the whole trip. We chatted as we drove along and I soon discovered a nice surprise that would entertain me during the ride.

Along side me on the seat was a pair of worn looking work boots with thick woollen socks tucked into them, I suddenly thought, and a quick glance confirmed it, this guy was driving in bare feet. And what great looking feet! He was 24, solid build with tanned smooth skin and a huge grin. He had on a shirt, unbuttoned and with the sleeves torn off, revealing solid pecs, abs and arms. He wore a pair of black denims and at the bottom was a pair of nice tanned smooth meaty feet. His toes were curled up and I had great pleasure watching as those mighty feet pressed down on the pedals as he changed gear.

The conversation wasn't much but I was enjoying the view. As darkness came we pulled in to a remote fuelling station. He jumped out to gas up and I took the opportunity to have a closer look at those boots. I turned them to reveal size 12 on the bottom, I saw how worn the tread was and looked inside one to see a nice worn indent in the shape of his foot. I couldn't help thinking what those boots had gone through under his feet. Just then he came back; I put the boots back before he saw anything. He moved the truck to a siding and asked if I'd like a coffee. He wanted a bit of a break and a chance to relax after driving most of the day.

He pulled out a flask and poured two cups, as he placed them on the seat between us he picked up his boots and put them on the floor.

"Sorry about those, hope they didn't stink too much"

"Never noticed them,” I said

"On long drives my feet get fuck'n tired, so I kick 'em off and drive in bare feet"

"Yeah?" I replied, seeing an opportunity and a big gamble, I swallowed and continued "My girlfriend and I did a massage course a while back, gave each other foot massages, boy did it feel good"

"Ya wouldn’t wanna touch these dirty feet, would ya?” He said, showing me the sole of one foot. The sole was a perfect shape, just the right size for my face I thought to myself! The foot was black with road grime all the way from the heel, up to the toes.

Nervously I replied "Doesn't bother me” Not wanting to push my luck, I left it at that. He grinned, lifted his legs and swung round on the seat to face me.

"Here ya go,” he said as he pushed both feet onto my lap. I couldn't believe it, they were right there! I turned to face him and started on his left foot, rubbing the sole with my thumbs, working my way up his foot. "Ahhh, that' s not bad" he said and with that he relaxed back against his door, he slid forward and his feet pushed into me. With my hands working on one foot, the other pressed into my body, pinning me to the! What a great position to be in, I was happy!

Occasionally he’d shuffle around and his foot would press harder against me for leverage. After I’d finished my thumbs were dirty from his soles. He sat up and swung his feet off me.

“Hey, they feel a lot better after that, you ain’t bad at that are ya?” he said

“Na,” I replied, “comes in handy. Trouble is my backs aching after carrying my bag all day, not much I can do for that” I laughed, hoping for an opportunity to take this further!

“Sorry, can’t help ya there, I don’t know nothing about massage”

“Its ok, I’ll survive” I grinned. Here goes, I thought! “Not unless you wanna walk on my back?”

He laughed. “Yeah? I’d squash ya!”

“How heavy are you?” I asked.

“About 200” he said

“Oh yeah, I could handle that ok” I smiled, not wanting to sound too keen.

He laughed “OK, I’ll walk on ya, but it’ll hurt!”

“My back can’t get much worse, I’ll give it a go” I said still grinning to hide my excitement that this was about to happen! “Need a flat surface to lay on”

“Ok, jump in the back” he said. We both got out of the cab and headed for the back of the truck.

We climbed into the trailer and he flicked on a small light. I found a spot up the front, a narrow space between pallets of cement bags. I flicked off my shirt "Don't wanna end up with footprints all over this" I said to justify taking it off. He grinned.

I lay down on my stomach, my head on the shirt.

"So what do I do?" he asked

"Basically, just walk on me"

He laughed and ten I felt a foot press down on the back of my thigh. The weight just kept increasing; my leg was getting crushed. I wasn't sure if I could handle too much more weight, when I felt the other foot on my lower back. Slowly he shifted his weight and my body twisted as his entire weight pressed my back into the deck. Next I saw out the corner of my eye his foot coming up to my shoulder. It pressed my upper back back down flat and I let out a little groan as he trod down. Again my body rocked under the pressure as he stepped off me.

"How was that?" he said laughing, turning to face me

"Okay, but you're suppose to take little steps up and down my back"

With that he didn’t hesitate, but lifted his right foot and stepped down on my left shoulder with all his weight. The left foot soon came up along side and he was standing on my shoulders facing my legs. He soon started to trample slowly down my back, taking tiny steps, trampling every inch of my back and crushing the air out of my lungs with each footstep. When he reached my lower back he turned in place and made his way back up to my shoulders just as slowly. This time he stayed standing on me "That better?" he laughed "want more?"I managed to grunt out a feeble "Ok" and he started trampling backwards down my back. He trampled up and down me twice and then at last stepped off and stood at my head. It felt great; I relaxed into it and just let his feet trample my body flat.

He looks down at me and asks how my back feels

"Great" I say,"you're not that heavy" I lied, his weight had crushed me, but it felt so good. I shouldn't have said anything cause it was about to get a lot heavier

"Oh yeah?" he says, and steps up on my back again. Then he reaches over and grabs one of the 40 pound cement bags off a pallet

"Ooofff..." I groan as the extra weight really crushes the air out of me. He laughs, enjoying standing on me, he starts to walk round, I feel my body getting squashed and groan more with each footstep until at last he steps off

"That better?" he asks

"You enjoyed that", I say, trying to catch my breath again. He has a kind of grin on his face that says that he really did enjoy the feeling of squashing me. I guess its a feeling of power over someone. I know it was more than I had hoped for!

"Yeah, know a few people I wouldn't mind doin that to" he continued, with a bit of a more serious tone

"Oh yeah?" I say

"Boss for one", he says

I laugh, "don't we all, just pretend I'm your boss then" I said nervously, not sure what I was about to get myself into

"Cool, you asked for it." With that he starts to walk down my back like I'm not there, no gentle treading this time he just walked normally, ignoring my groans as his feet trampled me. He steps off my legs and turns and walks back up the same way, back and forward like I'm a piece of carpet laying on the deck of his truck. The last time his foot landed close to my face.

"Oops", he says, "almost stomped your head"

"Why not I ask, "you've trampled the rest!" I had been hoping he would have accidentally stepped on my head, but he had been careful not to. Up until now that is!

He laughed, more of an evil laugh now. Then to my surprise, I feel his foot rest on the side of my head. Slowly he puts weight on, I feel my head straining, more and more the weight increases. Suddenly I am worried he might be too heavy, and then the weight gets less. I realise he has stepped over my head as I feel the other foot on my back again and he continues walking down my body.

This time when he gets to my legs he laughs, "If you were my boss, I'd have you the other way up"

Up until now it was still a massage for my back, even if it was getting a bit heavier. Letting him walk on my back was one thing, but I was worried about what he might think if I was willing to be walked on face up. This was my only chance to try.

Before he stepped on me again, I turned over, maybe he'd decide I'd had enough. I lifted myself up onto my elbows, it was a good chance to stretch and peel myself off the deck. I said nothing, just grinned at him.

"Hey, you said pretend you are my boss, I'm not done yet," he said with a laugh and lifted his right foot and pressed it onto my abdo. I just grin back a t him and lay myself back down flat on the deck

"You sure?" he grins back and laughs, "its gunna get rough." I don't move

He steps down on my abdo gently, I lift my head and watch his foot sink into my gut. I almost fold in half as he steps up full weight and stands with both feet now on my abdo. It feels great. He looks like a giant now as I look up from my position and watch his right leg lift up and catch a glimpse of his sole as the foot comes to rest on my chest and starts to press me back onto the deck. His second foot comes along side and I struggle to breathe as his weight flattens my ribcage. I look straight up at him towering over me as his left foot lifts and moves over my face, just touching my nose as he steps off me.

"You ok?" he asks, "your face got a little red", he laughs

"Na, I'm fine" I reply

"Cool" he says "can I keep going?" I'm sure now that he was enjoying the power of walking on me and didn't seem to care why I was willing to take it.

"Go for it" I said, in a sort of off hand way, not keen to reveal how turned on I was with his trampling. Then I got another great view of his sole as a foot lifts over my face and steps back on my chest. This time he's not so slow, and walks down my body like I'm carpet again, he doesn't even seem to be looking at my body as he walks on it. He turns and walks back up me, just as heavily as I let out more grunts and groans. He stops at my shoulders, towering like a giant he looks down at me.

"Can I step on ya head again?" he asks, grinning. I manage a weak "yeap" from under the weight.

He sands still looking at me, and then says, "ya gunna turn ya head or what?"

"Na" I groan, the weight on my chest starting to hurt.

"Fuck.. your gunna get your face stepped on?" he says with a bit of an evil laugh

There I am with this guy on my chest, looking up at the grin on his face, when my view starts to disappear as a foot lifts right over the middle of my face. I catch his grin getting wider as the giant sole, outlined in dirt lowers down, the arch touches my nose and starts to press it flat, as I feel his heel coming to rest on my lips. His toes disappear from site as the ball of his foot lowers onto my forehead. One eye is completely covered, from it I can just make out the skin of his sole in the dark, the other eye is half covered and I can just see the look on his face as he starts to tread on my face. The weight gets heavier and heavier and I struggle to keep my head face up, then at last I make out the other foot lifting off and stepping over my head.

It seems like slow motion as I look up and watch this guy step full weight on my face as he steps off me. What a great position to be in! Now I knew what the inside of those boots felt!

I could feel the weight shifting from my lips and teeth to my forehead and he moved forward, and slowly, it seemed his heel lifted and the foot stepped off me.

"Fuck.. you can take it, that felt great" he said looking back to see if my face had been flattened

"Yeah", I said and watched him turn for more.

He stepped up onto my chest and walked down me. He turned on my legs and started back up my body, this time, the grin was gone and he was walking a little rougher. He had realised that my body could take his weight so he wasn't worried about hurting me any more, instead he seemed to be enjoying it started trampling all over me. My groans got louder as my body was starting to really twist and rock under his trampling feet, he didn't seem to care, he was enjoying the power.

He stepped off me and stood with one foot either side of my head. I couldn't see his face, but his right foot lifted and stepped on one side of my face. No hesitation this time, the weight came down as the left foot trod on the other side of my face. He balanced there for a second and then stepped backwards onto my chest.

"Yeah!" he moaned as he looked down at my face. I realised that he was in total control now, he was enjoying the power trip of having me under his feet. I suddenly felt a little scared. He kept trampling me, a bit harder now, looking down at me and really getting into it, his breathing was getting faster "fuck this feels good" he'd say

"Open your mouth" he ordered. I did and a foot was shoved in.

"Hah, taste good?" he scowled. I could only make a mumbling sound as the ball of his foot was forced deeper. I could feel his toes rubbing on my tongue, wiping off his foot dirt, he pressed down on my tongue as he dragged that foot out, only to replace it with the other one.

"Suck it" he ordered. I closed my lips round his foot and licked his sole with my wet tongue, I sucked on it and tasted the dirt and sweat. As his foot at last came out I felt relief, my jaw had been stretching so wide as he had forced his foot deeper into my mouth.

I looked up and got a shock, his hand was down the front of his jeans, he'd been rubbing himself while he watched me suck his foot. "Fuck, I just wanna stomp ya face into the ground" he moaned, with that he stepped down on my face and started to trample it. One after the other all I saw were these two soles lifting and stepping down on my face. I couldn't hold my head up for long, the trampling never let up. My head turned to the side and he just kept going on it, then he stopped briefly to turn my head back to face up with his foot, and the trampling continued.

By now I was getting really sore, starting to see stars, I was sure I would pass out. I could hear his moans getting louder, he didn't care about me anymore, he was getting off on trampling my face. There was nothing I could do, I struggled to pull him off me, but he was too strong and heavy. The trampling was getting heavier, until suddenly he jumped back off my face, landing hard on my chest and I saw him shoot his load.

Wow! I couldn't believe what had just happened, he started to look very embarrassed and was now concerned about what he had done to me.

"Fuck, sorry man, did I break anything?" he said looking down at my very reddened face.

"No, I seem to have survived", I said with a little grin, my head was throbbing, but that wasn't the only thing!

"Hey, I am really sorry, I got carried away", he said "I can't believe you let me trample you like that, it just felt so great, I couldn't stop"

"It's ok, actually it was nice for me too, if you can believe it" I didn't see the need to be secretive about being turned on by it, give that he had just got off himself!

He looked confused, but then glanced down at the bulge in my pants. He grinned, "Really?" I just smiled back.

"Well, your not done then" he smiled "I'd better finish you off!"

And he gently lifted his foot....

More to come when I get time...

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