House Rules of MxM

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The following regulations extend the Terms of Service to keep our fetish community strong.

I - The Promotion Decision- enacted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 by Logan, backed by 2 other admins, and conceptually backed by 88% of the 24 members who voted on a similar referendum.

(1) Content promotion, which is not currently mentioned in the Terms, is expressly allowed on this website (whether paid or free); (2) Creators must open pages for their content and post through these pages - their content will be transferred to pages automatically, otherwise; (3) The advertisement system is now activated; (4) Promoted content and Advertised content must not violate any policies, including the ones on this page.

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II - A change to profiles during the pandemic- enacted on Tuesday, January 5th, 2021 by Logan.

(1) Since some of us are getting vaccinated faster than others, a ‘COVID-19 Vaccination Status’ field has been added to every member’s profile settings; (2) ‘Not meeting due to COVID-19’ has been added to the “Mainly Here For” field.

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Code of Conduct

    No judgement - respect our differences

    No stalking or harassment of any kind

    No spam, abuse or insulting language

    No stealing of creator content

    Network responsibly